Tom Lehmann

"Dough Doctor" - Adviser

Tom Lehmann, best known as the “Dough Doctor” and adviser to the BeeHex team has worked with the American Institute of Baking (AIB) since 1965. At AIB Lehmann directed the Experimental Baking Group. He took an interest in pizza in about 1967, when he was contracted to reverse engineer a popular pizza being produced in Chicago, Illinois. Lehmann was soon recognized as the local “pizza expert” on the AIB staff. Shortly afterward, he made his first pizza service call to John’s Pizza, the first wholesale pizza manufacturer in the U.S. In 1979, Lehmann wrote his first publication on pizza for the AIB, and has since written several more in addition to writing monthly articles for Pizza Marketing Quarterly (“In Lehmann’s Terms”), Pizza Today (“The Dough Doctor”), and Bellissimo Foods News Letter (“The Doctor is In”). He speaks regularly at the International Pizza Expo and the Pizza Magazine Quarterly Pizza Shows.