Jim Grote


Jim Grote is an adviser to BeeHex. He is the founder of both Donatos Pizza and Grote Company, the Columbus-based commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer.

When Jim Grote was a 13-year-old in Columbus, Ohio, he took a job making pizzas. By the time he was a sophomore at Ohio State University, the pizza business had hooked Jim for life. Jim bought that original shop in 1963 for $1,300, and kept the clever original name – a play on a Latin phrase that means “to give a good thing.” It was a perfect way to describe what would become his three-part mission: to create a superior product, hire great people, and promote goodwill in business and the community.

Today Donatos remains a favorite in Columbus and well beyond, with more than 150 locations in six states. Working with his daughter, Donatos Chairman Jane Grote Abell, Jim remains a guiding influence at the company, making sure his original values continue to shape everything we do.