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BeeHex is a B2B company. We design and build commercial 3D food printers and fresh-food producing robots - all controlled by BeeHex software and mobile app. Born of a NASA project, BeeHex’s Chef3D printers and food bots streamline fresh food production with truly personalized nutrition.

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About BeeHex

In 2016, BeeHex was launched to automate fresh food made from the finest ingredients--starting with pizza. Their ciabatta-style pizza is visually appealing and delicious, which can be truly personalized using BeeHex's mobile app. BeeHex food bots also make desserts, personalized sports recovery bars and intricate frostings.

BeeHex builds 3D printing robots that prepare food faster than human hands. Shouldn't you be using BeeHex to make personalized food fast, clean and reliably?

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