Company History

Company History

From NASA-funded 3D food printer…

BeeHex was founded to change the way food is made through the latest technology in food production. With roots at NASA, 3D food printing is poised to have a major impact in food production in multiple areas of the supply chain.


While working for SMRC, Anjan Contractor, CEO of BeeHex, invented NASA’s 3D food printer system for deep space missions.


Anjan Contractor further developed his 3D food printer system to accommodate a variety of food consistencies and developed a no-drip extrusion platform for chocolate and pizza printing.


Anjan Contractor formed BeeHex and accepted invitations to 3D print pizza at events across the country. BeeHex was given multiple awards, such as “Best New Tech” -Vice Magazine, “Best Tech in Silicon Valley” – Timmy Award and nominated for “Best New Technology” – Taste Talks Food and Drink Awards.


BeeHex was honored to partner with Jim Grote, founder of Donatos Pizza and Grote Company, and relocated to Columbus, OH. BeeHex was also awarded a project by the United States Army.