BeeHex Robots 3D-Print Pizza

Robots are clean. Faster. Consistent. And customize your order. Now you can pre-order the BeeHex Robot Pizza Printer or order a fun, interactive robot performance for your next corporate or special event—with chic, tasty pizza!

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About BeeHex

BeeHex is led by tech celebrity and engineer Anjan Contractor, who invented NASA's first 3D food printer robot.

In 2015, Anjan, Jordan French, Chintan Kanuga and Ben Feltner launched BeeHex to provide fresh pizza made from the finest ingredients. The pizza is not only visually appealing but delicious, creating excitement among chefs, restaurant chains, theme parks, and food brands.

BeeHex uses clean robots to make pizza in under 4 minutes that would otherwise take a human 9 minutes. Shouldn't you be using BeeHex to make customized pizza fast, clean and reliably?

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