3D Dessert Decorators

Our 3D dessert decorators can perform at the level of a seasoned baker and provide consistency and customizability for your decorating needs.

Toppings Robots

Specially designed with a smaller footprint, our technology can automate dispensing of dry ingredients and toppings for your food production.

Personalized Nutrition

BeeHex’s personalized nutrition technology can optimize your dietary needs based on your body and lifestyle.

Retail and Entertainment

Attract new customers with our engaging 3D food printing experience. Watch and listen as the machine builds your treat!

Commercial Application

Our high-volume 3D food printing technology can boost your operations and give you the creative control you need.

Our History

From NASA-funded 3D food printer…

BeeHex was founded to change the way food is made through the latest technology in food production. With roots at NASA, 3D food printing is poised to have a major impact in food production in multiple areas of the supply chain.

Latest News

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